Our Process - Sourcing


Finding unique, high quality coffees is a never-ending quest for us. Our ultimate goal is to purchase 80-90% of our coffees directly from farmers. Every coffee we buy must be chosen through a meticulous selection process.

An inspection of the unroasted (green) beans is done to check for any visible defect such as insect damage, black beans, sour beans, broken beans or foreign matter. This rules out a lot of coffees - upwards of 80% of the worlds coffees are poor quality and exhibit all sorts of defects that would never make the cut for us.

If the sample passes this first test we will lightly roast 100 grams of it in our sample roaster. Then we will cup this sample according to SCAA cupping protocols.

The purpose of cupping is to test for quality and flavour. We score all samples using SCAA cupping forms and on the cupping app Catador.

If a coffee meets all our criteria (free of defects, & has good acidity, body, balance and sweetness) and scores high enough, we will consider purchasing it.