Organic Ethiopia Girma Eshetu 12 oz




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Ethiopia Girma Eshetu - Organic Certified NOP

Region: Kaffa Zone
Altitude: 2100 meters
Varietal: 74110 & 74112
Process: Washed

Girma Eshetu Estate is located in Bita Genet District near the small village of Amecha-Mechata. The farm is named after the farmer, Mr. Girma Eshetu, who has over two decades of experience running his family farm. The farm produces both a washed and natural process coffee and is the result of over two decades of work from the titular Girma Eshetu himself.
Mr. Girma is in his fifties now and runs the estate with all the sophistication you would expect from a multi-generational coffee family. His fields are planted with Jimma Research varietals 74110 and 74112. His washed process includes a 40 hour ferment and a 24 hour soak - producing a complex and sweet cup with notes of candied lemon zest and black tea, a classic Ethiopian profile.